Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Plea of an Unborn Child

Image found on 'Babycenter blog'. (13 weeks)

Dearly beloved Mother, you are, just now, 
the only person to whom I can talk.
You are my sustenance, my comfort,
my very life; and it will be much the same
up to and beyond that special day when I can walk.

Today I want to ask you
that you will do all you can to ensure
the world into which I will be born
will sustain me and your grandchildren,
and not be so hideously transformed
that we will find it impossible to live without fear
of disasters, even wars, brought about
by too much or too little water, violent winds,
extremes of cold and heat:
and a probability of having to weep all-too-frequent tears.

Please,please, listen to discerning,
careful, forward-thinking scientists
and whenever possible, 
tell those who pursue the relentless exploitation of fossil fuels -
and everything that follows in its wake -
that you need them to draw it to a rapid halt, for my sake
and for every single child of my generation.

Please go on marches,
write indignant letters,
organise petitions,
argue with vehement determination,
that I and all of us-in-waiting
may not have to mourn the earth,
but live as you would no doubt have us live,
to welcome our children
in the fullness of time,
with joyous celebrating. 

More information on this theme at
NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

Friday, 11 August 2017

Bottles, Bags and Micro-plastics

Image from journey to the plastic ocean

Tidal waves of jettisoned plastic
Overwhelm glorious golden sand.
Thoughtlessly discarded bottles
and single-trip bags
spawn a shameful, coastal wasteland.

Sinister flows of toxic outfall
ooze from here, to the ocean’s despair.
Fragments of micro-plastics 
swirl endlessly among fish,
who feed on this cynical harvest
entirely unaware.
In another yield from the deep,
bright crystals of table-salt
are likewise pervaded
for us to ingest. 
So might wisdom commend,  
a STOP PLASTICS approach?

Trevor Thorn © 2017

Written after reading Lucy Siegle’s Ethical Living Column ‘The Eco Guide to Microplastics', Observer 6th August 2017.

More information on this theme at
A Plastic Planet
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

White Sails

Image from ‘The Earth Project’ site
White Sails 
My heart leaps with joy
to see great white sails
welcoming their friend,
a strong and steady breeze.

These are today’s
worthy successors
to the multitude of windmills
we gradually discarded
in favour of the efficiency
of burn-away fossil fuels.

Jettisoning them, 
we sent grain further,
consumed yet more fuel ,
and wrapped regimented loaves
in lethal plastic.

So welcome to these gentle giants
with their swirling symmetry,
as they gracefully draw afresh
from the ever-present air
its generous bounty
of cleanly harvested energy.

© Trevor Thorn

Monday, 7 August 2017

Enemy Fleet in Fulham Reach

Since the abandonment of the wooden piers,
evocative of a past, stretching back
to when the most primitive boats were known,
this tidal thoroughfare grew sick
from the outpourings
of numberless, noxious, industrial flows.

Today, it is restored!
Dace, roach and perch
again find nourishment
from the cleaner stream,
as do a score of avian breeds.
It is a triumph to have achieved
a river so 'green'.

Yet, as the tide recedes
exposing messy, muddy banks,
swans, geese and ducks
battle their way between
a convoy of enemy craft, most dire!
Carelessly discarded cola bottles
free of their sugar-laden cargo,
surge on their inexorable way
towards a gigantic, malevolent gyre.

© Trevor Thorn 2017

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